Friday, August 3, 2012

The Runner Clean Bottle - Why didn't I think of this?

Last week, I was reading one of my many stacked up magazines and came across this cool new bottle. The Clean Bottle. You can open it from both ends, so you can get all the nasty, yucky junk out that builds up in the bottom of  these types of bottles. Gross, yea, but also cool.

Even cooler, is The Runner, which is a pouch that attaches to the bottle and is designed to stay put. Large enough for iphones, ipods, smart phones, keys, gels - all the stuff you think you might need on your run, walk, bike, whatever.

I just ordered The Runner and two bottles off their website - Clean Bottle.

I could have thought of this myself, but I didn't. Kudos to Dave for this superb idea! Check out the video - I think you'll agree this is a terrific product. 

(This are entirely my own opinions!)

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