Thursday, August 9, 2012

Better Me Day 4 (6 to go)

Got up on time today, and walked Rusty for about a mile. Nice start to the day for both of us.

Thursdays are Cooking w/ Caroline at work. I've been dreading today, because I had "Cinnamon Crescent Rolls" on the calendar. They looked divine. I wasn't just hoping that I could stick to my meal plan, I was hoping that I wouldn't eat them all.

My residents really enjoyed making them, and they did a wonderful job. Our entire floor smelled wonderfully cinnamonny. One resident kept telling everyone who wandered in that there was a charge just for smelling these confections! She is a trip. Well we made several hundred dozen. Enough for everyone at lunch, and all of the staff. And I confess that I ate 1/2 roll. It was wonderful! Then I quickly gave the rest of them away. I knew there was no way they could sit in my office and be safe.

If you want the recipe, you can find it here - The Hungry Housewife.

Here's my food for the day:

B - Shake, banana, pb2, water
MS - Oats/blueberries/strawberries (1/2 cinnamon roll)
L- 1/2 pocket bread w/ sauteed onions, spinach & peppers, chicken, mustard, 1 orange
AS - WASA w/ laughing cow wedge, 1 cup popcorn
D- Panera Bread. Thanks Lindsay for helping me make a good choice. Pick 2 - cup chicken noodle soup (didn't eat the noodles) and 1/2 size Asian chicken salad w/ no wonton strips. Gave my side of bread to hubby for his soup.

Workout - Ripped in 30

Lots of water - 3/4 gallon

My rings are getting looser, and I can take my wedding rings off at night. Something good is happening.

Our Beach Body coach is really great. Checking in on us, encouraging us on facebook. She really wants to see us succeed. 

I love that I am doing this with my sister. We are really supporting each other, and forcing each other to be accountable. To Show Up in Our Own Lives (thanks for this JM).

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