Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Better Me Days 6,7,8 (2 to go!)

It was a crazy weekend, and my food log shows it. But I just did the best I could and went with it. That's the way life is, right? And this post is a bit late, but that's life sometimes.

Our most recent challenge homework was to create a vision board. A visual picture of what I am working toward, how I am accomplishing my crazy awesome goals and future rewards from my changing lifestyle.

We hooked in with Oprah to create our vision boards - you can make one too - Vision Board. Here's mine:

I'll print it out and hang it up where I can see it everyday. Shows my "before", my tools to get where I am going, some of my goals and the rewards along the way.

Only 2 more days to go - what happens next?

I have a couple of options if I want to stay with Beachbody for a little longer. I can just order the Shakelology, and have basic support month-to-month. Or I can join a 90 day challenge which includes the Shakeology and a Beachbody.com fitness program.

Of course, I can also just take what I have learned and go it alone from here. Mmmmm....What to do??

I admit I was skeptical about the liquid meal, but I really do like it, I feel it is good nutrition and it's easy in the mornings.

But to continue with Beachbody (either way) there is an expense. So I'm still thinking about it. No decision yet.

I admit that I have already weighed myself (on day 4) and was pleased with those results. I also think I've lost something around my waist because my pants are fitting better. But I haven't measured yet. Waiting for the end of the challenge.

If you are thinking about doing one of these for yourself - you can check out my coach, Lindsay Phillips web site. She is very upbeat, motivating and supportive.  Pin It Now!

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