Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sweat Your Thorns off - Virtual Race Report 8.4.12

This was my first Virtual Race. And it was interesting. I printed off my race bib - it was very cool. I was psyched that I got the #1 , then I forgot it when I left the house. Bummer. 

Today was a planned track day with my local running club, TRC. So, good thing this was a virtual race. I could lie and say that I did a normal 3.1 run. But that would be a total lie. So I did the track workout with my buddies (which came out to about 1.5 miles), then added on the extra 1.6 miles to bring my total to 3.1.

Our club had a running clinic this past Tuesday with local Coach Katie Malone of Malone Coaching. So the track workout was a practice of what we learned - skipping (thankfully there was hardly anyone there this morning at 7:30am - unlike the night of the clinic when we skipped by soccer players and their fans, IE moms & dads), butt kicks, high knees and recovery laps.

The only photo i have to show for my efforts is the group photo we took this morning. I'm the one on the left with the pink hat. Not entirely embarrassing, but not great either. I SHOULD have my cool #1 bib on that black & white tank!!

Sure didn't break any records out there today! It was my personal worst 5K at 39:11. But did sweat a lot due to the very high humidity and had fun with other runners. I waved and said hello to all the runners and stayed hydrated. That's all I have to say about the pointers offered from our Race Director.

If you are interested, "Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K" is sponsored by The Boring Runner.

Next race is, hopefully, the Maggie Valley Moonlight 8K in August and ongoing Ache Around the Lake 8K training (Sept 22). And while I won't be running the Tryon 1/2 this year, I will be training for it. 

Till next time - run to live!

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