Monday, August 6, 2012

Better Me Day One (9 to go)

First day of my ten day healthy challenge. First day of training for my upcoming 8K (Sept 22). I set my alarm for 5:55am. The plan was to be out of the house and running 3 miles by 6:05am. And I would have too...

If my alarm had gone's on the fritz. It's done this before, and no, I did not hit the snooze button (this time).

So this had me frazzled. I didn't want to start off both challenges in the hole so to speak. But didn't have time to run before work, so focused on food.

Fixed my shake - added a small banana, PB2, ice, chocolate shake powder and blended it all up. It was very, very frothy. Very thick, and very chocolaty. Next time I will add more ice. It wasn't terrible, it was actually tasty, but I think it would have been better colder. So more ice next time. Next time meaning tomorrow.

My food choices were all clean today - no junk. I'm already feeling withdrawals from my many-cookie a day habit I had. 

I got my run/walk in about 45 minutes after dinner. It's very humid, and for some reason my hips were feeling the run, so I had to walk more than I wanted to, but I felt good about getting in the distance.

Tomorrow will be Ripped in 30 DVD, then 5 mile run/walk on Wed.

Our coach wants us to eat every 3 hours so MS - Morning snack, AS - Afternoon snack.

Here's my food for the day:

B - Shake w/ banana, almond milk & PB2

MS - 1/2 cup oats & strawberries

L - salad w/ grilled chicken, blue cheese, sunflower seeds, w/ Balsamic dressing

AS - WASA cracker w/ laughing cow cheese, red pepper slices, 1 cup popcorn

D - Grilled chicken, 1/3 cup brown rice, sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach - drizzled with balsamic vinegar

Exercise - 3 mile run/walk

Recovery - 1 cup 1% chocolate milk

Here's a photo of my fabulous dinner:

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  1. Dinner looks fantastic my dear! Well done on a GREAT day one!

    Love you!


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