Thursday, August 16, 2012

Better Me Countdown - Days 9, 10 & results!

Counting down to the 10th day of this Beach Body Challenge...Results will be revealed at the bottom of this post.

My sister, Mary and I decided to take the plunge and jump into a 90 day challenge with our coach. Mary is blogging her experiences here.

I'll still be running 3x a week, and then supplementing with a Beach Body program called Chalean Extreme. So I probably won't follow the BB program exactly, but I will be working hard.

I still have my 8K coming up in September - Ache Around the Lake. It's a very hard course, with lots of hills and switchbacks. But it was my first race, so it's one of my favorites.

I'm a bit nervous about 90 days - can I commit for that long? I will be a part of a face book support group, will continue to post my food/exercise daily (hopefully daily), get support, give support and continue to make a positive difference in my life.

I've learned a few things during these very short 10 days:

  • planning is imperative, and for my OCD self - this means planning breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and workouts. It just makes the days easier and smoother.
  • early morning workouts are getting slightly easier. it's great to get it out of the way. And if I tell someone I'm going to do it, that makes me much more likely to actually do it (instead of just thinking it would be a good idea to get up early....)
  • supportive friends and family are worth more than a pound of cheesecake (well at least equally tied, just kidding silly). having someone cheer you on and make you do the things you don't feel like doing is real love and commitment.
  • real food just makes you feel better - in lots of ways, and I won't count them, just trust me. I'm trying to eat food that doesn't have a shelf life, has ingredients I can pronounce (and recognize), and that will go bad in a hurry if I don't eat it.
  • exercise that makes you sweat really does give you a nicer  mood, and in my two-person family - "if Caroline is happy, we're all happy."

I won't be blogging everyday, but will shoot for weekly updates, and monthly results.

Soooo, drum rolllllll please.....

The results from my 10 days to a better me challenge:

Weight loss - 4.6 pounds
Waist - 1 inch

Very impressive! Can't wait to see what the numbers (and my body) will look like at the end of 90 days!

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  1. Way to rock it girl!!! Can't wait for the next 90 days together!

    Love ya!

  2. Good for you! Good for YOU!!

  3. Great work! You should be really proud of yourself...question, do you use Daily Mile ( I'm going to get back to running next week, and it would be great to have one more person to be accountable to and to help motivate them.


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