Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Confessions 8.10.12

I confess......this has been a great week! I started a Ten Day Health Challenge with a Beach coach on Monday, and it has really been going well. We were sent 10 shakes (1 for each day), and use the shake for breakfast or lunch. All other meals are from a meal plan that we were given and it is real food. Stuff I actually eat, and like. Our coach is wonderful - very supportive and helpful. I think these challenges happen regularly, so if you are interested in finding out more info - just let me know.

I confess.....I was uncertain about the whole liquid meal part. I mean, I really, really like to chew my calories. But my sister asked me to do this with her, and two are better than one, right? So we both jumped in. The shakes are actually really tasty, and very, very filling. We have 9 chocolate and 1 strawberry packets. I'm saving the strawberry for the weekend - will add some frozen blueberries to it, and use it for a lunch. It's called Shakeology, and there is a lot of science behind this product. 

I also confess....that I have been exercising more regularly this week, and it feels really good. It's groovy to be in a groove. 

I confess that my residents at work have made me laugh a lot this week! At least half of them have some kind of memory challenges, and they say and do the funniest things. One lady "K", has a big blue goose egg on her forehead from a recent fall. During our baking group yesterday another lady asked her what had happened to her, to make the bruise. K's friend, F answered for her. F said, "Oh you know K, she was out partying late one night, and couldn't find her way home." The other lady just said "Oh, MY." These are nursing home residents in their early 90's - making this stuff up. Where does it come from?? I was laughing, so I didn't say anything - just enjoyed the entertainment. And I have two women right now who are like Weezer and Clairee from Steel Magnolias. They both talk all the time - taking digs at each other, when they aren't together, they are on the phone, and are in rooms right next to each other. So we can all hear their conversations from both of them talking so loudly on the phone to each other, in the hallway. Hilarious times! I do love my job!

Lastly, I confess that one of my guilty pleasures is reading SUAR's blog Shut Up and Run. She is very funny, sarcastic and writes things that everyone else is thinking, but may not say.  She's also an athlete - which is how I found her - when I searched for running blogs. I love her blogs! 

She is blogging this week about an Everyday Endurance giveaway. One of the ways to enter the giveaway is to blog about it. So here I am, blogging about it. They have very cool designs for runners, triathletes and everyday endurance people. Check out these designs, for example. 
Others sleep - it's a lifestyle thing.
Inner Peace - it's a lifestyle thing.
The Pacer - It's a lifestyle thing.

Very cool, huh?

There will be five winners, so hopefully your odds of winning are certainly better than getting on a plane with a drunk pilot (117 to 1), or becoming a pro athlete (22,000 to 1).  The winners can select any design from the Everyday Endurance line and have it put on any item available for that line – shirt, iPhone case, water bottle, hat, visor, etc. Sound good? Totes!
To enter (comment for each):
  • Visit FFC Everyday Endurance site HERE, and tell me which design you like +1 entry
  • "Like" Family Fan Club on Facebook HERE + 1 entry
  • "Follow" Family Fan Club on twitter HERE + 1 entry
  • Twat, FB or blog about this giveaway +1 entry
Five winners will be selected at random on Wednesday, August 15.
Special bonus

Until August 15, save 15% at Family Fan Club by entering the code “shutup15” at checkout. 

I confess that I would LOVE to win one of these designs on a shirt!!

What are you confessing this week?
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  1. Your body challenge seems to really be going well. I've been enjoying reading about it on your blog and your sister's blog.


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