Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Plan - Days One through Three

Day One:

First thing I weighed myself. That was not fun, but as Lyn-Genet says repeatedly in her book - this is for data gathering only. I will be able to tell which foods I react to by a number of signs - one of them being weight gain.

So got that out of the way, drank my 16 oz of water and downed my liver detox pills.

Breakfast - Flax granola w/ coconut milk. One cup of this is A LOT! Lots of chewing, and I was grateful when I hit a cranberry every once in awhile. When I was almost finished I remembered that I also get blueberries, so grabbed those and dumped in the bowl as well.

Breakfast was very, very filling. There are 40 grams of protein in a cup of flax seed, and a whole lotta fiber in there too.

Lunch - Carrot Ginger soup w/ sunflower seeds (Would have been fantastic w/ salt, but wasn't terrible), Steamed broccoli - I can only eat so much broccoli, Mixed greens w/ apple and pumpkin seeds - the best part of lunch.

S - Apple

Dinner - Sauteed kale w/ coconut sauce. The sauce was really thick and rich, almost too rich. Not sure I like it. Roasted Veggies w/ lemon oil (very good), carrot/beet salad w/ pumpkin seeds. Could not eat all of the carrot/beets. It wasn't terrible, but not great, and lots of chewing.

I did get hungry on Day 1. Went to bed at 8:30pm w/ headache and woke up at 6:30am with headache and nausea.

Day Two:

Weighed myself first thing:  - 1 pound (Nice!)
Drank my water and took liver pills

My husband took one look at me and said, "I really think you should stay out today, and tomorrow, until you get past this." Well, I agreed, but had things that had to get done - Skype calls today and a lunch outing. So off to work I went. Miserably so.

Was incredibly nauseated. Could not eat my flax, could not even think about it. Packed it all up and brought to work. By 9:15a I was better and able to eat it w/ blueberries.

Lunch: Carrot soup w/ sunflower seeds, mixed greens w/ apple and avocado (Yum on the avocado!), could not stomach the broccoli.

S - apple w/ raw almonds. This is my first "test" to see if I react to almonds. We'll see when I weigh in the morning. Have had no physical reaction so far - my headache is worse, but think that is because the Anacin has worn off.

Dinner - Sauteed Kale w/ coconut sauce, beet & carrot salad, and RICE! I was so excited about the rice. It was delicious!! But could not eat the beet & carrot. I could not get warm, and the salad was cold, so I just skipped it.

The food "tests" are in the least reactive to the most reactive, so the foods I will test this week will be the least reactive, for most people.

Day Three:

Weighed first thing: -.8 pound - total 1.8
Drank Water, took liver pills and probiotics

I did not react to the raw almonds yesterday. Yay!!

I slept hard and woke up very well, clear headed without my normal grogginess.

Breakfast - Flax granola w/ 1/2 pear & coco milk - I was late to work due to 8am hair appointment. Had a 9am bfast meeting. It was tempting sitting in that room w/ eggs, biscuits & gravy aromas wafting around me. But I resisted, and ate my stuff afterward in my office.

Lunch - Headed out for lunch outing to Strawberry Hill. So flipped lunch & dinner today. I ordered a grilled chicken salad with no cheese, bacon or dressing. But what I really wanted was a hamburger and tater tots with strawberries for dessert. Ah, this is only 20 days, and I'll be back at Strawberry Hill at the end of the month. I did sneak a couple of french fries, hopefully that will have ill effects. They weren't even that great.

Dinner - Cream of Broccoli soup - very yummy. Made with coconut milk. Very good. Mixed greens w/ avocado and pumpkin seeds, dressed w/ lemon oil.

Day Four weigh in: -.7
Total cleanse weight loss : -2.5

Today I get to have some goat cheese. Looking forward to lunch!

So far very pleased with results. My head feels clearer and less sluggish. More blog reports to follow!

What do you think of this plan? of this idea that our body has chemical reactions to certain foods?Have you had reactions to "healthy" foods?

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  1. You're doing a great job sticking to the plan even through not feeling well! Way to go!

    1. Feeling much, much better! Sleeping great too.

  2. I may want to check this book out. Sounds interesting, and it can never hurt to which foods your body doesn't like.


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