Thursday, May 2, 2013

Prepping for "The Plan"

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Like many people I've had terrible troubles with allergies this season. I started noticing that my symptoms seemed worse on days I'd eaten salad w/ vinegar and blue cheese for lunch. Seemed weird to me, but I really did notice a difference on those days. Some days I will have a chai latte, and my fingers swell and I can't get my rings off - what is this about?

While thinking about this, I quite by accident came across a friend's post on Facebook about a program she saw on the Dr. Oz show. I'm not really a fan of his, but watched the video and something about the information struck me. So I investigated.

You can see the links to the videos from the Dr. Oz show: Here. When I was young I tested positive to many food sensitivities. Because I had no obvious symptoms - hives, breathing troubles, etc, I thought I had outgrown them. But maybe I was wrong.

This plan was developed by Lyn-Genet Recitas. You can check out her and her website here. 

"Our focus is on creating internal harmony using the precepts of The Lyn-Genet Plan, an anti-inflammatory diet. The Lyn-Genet Plan reduces chronic low grade inflammation which is the basis for premature aging, disease and weight gain."

She has an interesting diagram about how food makes us fat: here.

The premise of this plan is that many healthy foods we are eating, are not "friendly" to our particular body chemistry. This doesn't make them good or bad foods, we simply react to them in a non positive way. The Plan sets about trying to discover what foods are friendly and which are not. That is not to say that I will never be able to eat foods I am react to, but I will have knowledge of what is happening to me when I choose to indulge. The reactions can manifest as weight gain (from .5 - 2 pounds in a day), congestion, digestion troubles, sluggishness, hives, headaches, etc. 

 The first step of the 20-day Plan is to reset the liver. The first 3 days are a "cleanse" of sorts. I've done many, many cleanses, and this really doesn't look like a cleanse. Three meals and a snack? Two thousand calories a day? No liquid diet, no shakes, no fasting. Seems very, very doable. 

After the initial 20 days, if I make it that far, I should have an arsenal of about 30-40 foods that are friendly for me. And most of us eat the same 30-40 foods all the time anyway, so I just may have a few new foods, and a few less of my now-favorites. I will also know how to tell if I am reacting to a certain food/ingredient or not. And if I do have a food reaction, I will know what I need to do to reduce the inflammation in my body.

There are a few supplements she recommends, so I've ordered those. One is a Liver detox, MSM (for those with allergies), probiotics for my gut, and L-Glutamine just until sugar cravings go away. I've also purchased flax seed for my flax granola as well as chia and hempseed. Honestly I haven't read all the recipes to know what I will do with the chia and hempseed, but I'll have them.  I have my shopping list prepared and a cheat sheet to help me get through the first 3 days.

My plan is to start Monday. My goal is to lose some weight, and discover my friendly foods so I will have fewer reactive (allergic) symptoms in the future.

I plan (hope) to post regularly about my experiences - good and bad, mainly so I will have a record of how this is or is not working for me.

This coming weekend will be a flurry of activity. First I have the PACRun 5K Trail Race, of which I am the race director. I will be ever so grateful when that is done and over Saturday morning. Then I can get all my food bought and prepped for my first 3 days.

If you want more information check out Lyn-Genet's book - The Plan: Eliminate the Surprising "Healthy" Foods that are Making you Fat, and Lose weight Fast.

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