Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, Fresh Start - 30 Day Push Challenge

Now, I am moving on to another challenge of sorts. Chalene Johnson (of Chalean Extreme, Turbo Fire & Turbo Jam) has a free 30 day challenge to master organization and achieve goals. Chalene is absolutely awesome. She is upbeat, energetic and the most positive person I have every encountered. Granted, what I see of her is recorded, probably scripted, and may not be the whole picture. But compared with other popular female fitness gurus, she is head and shoulders above the others.(And I have a bit of a girl crush on her too).

You can check out the program here: Thirty Day Push. Like I said it's free and you will receive a daily email for 30 days. Each email will contain a short video clip as well as daily "homework assignments", but most will not take more than 10 minutes.I did get stuck on Day 2 for a few days. That was the most thoughtful one for me, so far.  The first few days, for me, were thought provoking, and while I am over-thinking some of the exercises, I am certainly thinking about things that have not been on my mind in years. 

I told my group that this process feels like I am pulling pieces of myself back to me, like putting together a puzzle of myself/life where all the pieces had been scattered to and fro before, and are finally finding their rightful place. I find this liberating and frustrating. Liberating because I feel my life coming back together. Frustrating because this stuff takes time and emotion to figure out. Nailing my top 3 priorities has helped me align myself to future goals and endeavors. 

Here's a quick rundown of the some of the first days of the program:

Day One was about naming my life priorities. It was basically a brainstorming exercise to figure out how we want to be remembered, by naming what is important in our lives.

Day 1: Values

My values:Family
Physical, emotional and spiritual health

I want to remembered as a loving wife, caring sister and the funnest aunt/grandmother. I want to be remembered as being a loyal friend, and someone who was willing to help when needed. I hope to leave a legacy as being one who reached out to others with compassion and who encouraged others to be their best in all things.

Day Two was figuring out the top three priorities and writing mini-mission statements for them.

Day 2: My Priorities:

My priorities are my family, maintaining peace in my life and home, and doing the best job I can at work.

My husband is the most important person in my life. To honor him and my relationship with him I will spend quality time with him. To do this I need to use better time management to get my workouts completed in the mornings. I also need to really be present when I am with him, not thinking about all the other things I think I need to do. Eating well also plays a part because not eating well causes mood swings and crankiness. Taking care of myself with clean eating and healthy exercise also honors my husband. I will also spend less mindless activity on the computer in the evenings.

He deserves my best, which includes all my love, respect and support.

Day Three was fun - ten goals for the year.

Day 3: Goals:

1 & Push Goal: I will PR a 10K - April 2013
2. I will lose 20 pounds - November 2013
3. I will run my first Half Marathon - November 2013
4. I will increase weekly running mileage to 15 miles or more. June 2013
5. I will get stronger - 75 push ups - June 2013
6. I will get super cool stuff for "Swag Bags" for PAC Run (I'm race director) - May 2013
7. I will have a couple Bible Devotion/prayer w/ Dave once weekly - starting Jan 2013 and continue.
8. I will plan/cook dinner 3x weekly (at least) to share meal with Dave - Feb 2013
9. I will pay down credit card debt - Dec 2013
10. I will buy a sleep number bed with cash - December 2013

Days 6, 7 and 8 were interesting. Charlene asks us to put our "To Do" lists on a smart phone. This was kind of overwhelming for me. I tend to over-research things. So I looked at several different apps. Did Google searches for the best kinds of apps and then searched for reviews of the top apps that I found. One thing I really wanted was a program that I could also access on my computer that would sync with my iPhone  And I found "Orchestra". So far so good - but I've only been using it about 3 days. I've committed to it for 2 weeks and will then give my group a review of the Pros & Cons.

I love always having my list with me. I've had things scattered all over my house, my office, my purse. Now it's all in one spot. I can look at it anytime (either on my phone, ipod or computer) and update it anytime. The bulky notebook I kept in my purse is gone, the notebook I kept in my day-timer is gone as well. I'll still use pen/paper for quick notes, but can quickly add things to Orchestra. One of the neatest things so far is that it has a voice option. I can press a button and dictate a new task. How freakin' cool is that?

If you have set New Year's resolutions this year, but haven't put any plans in place to meet those goals you may want to check out the 30 Day Push Program. It's free and will help you make positive changes in your life. Goals are great, but there absolutely must be a plan so you can reach the goal! 

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