Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Confessions 11.9.12

It's that time again! 'Fess up before the weekend!

I confess that I've missed a few weeks of confessing. One Friday was a travel day. I was coming home from here:
Okaloosa Island, Ft. Walton Beach FL
It was a lovely, stress free week on white sand beaches. It was off season, so we pretty much had the beach to ourselves, as you can see. We stayed right on the beach and were treated to dolphin sitings in the ocean every day and gorgeous sunsets every night.

It was hard getting a good picture of the dolphins, but if you can see the black thing in the middle of this photo, that's a dolphin. We saw them playing and jumping, usually in groups of 15-20. Very, very cool!




We rented bikes the last 2 days, and next time we'll do that the very first day. It was so much fun! I confess it's been a long, long time since I've ridden a bike without any gears. But it's really, really flat down there, so no hills to worry about.
I confess that I can't wait to go back!!

Last week in our baking group, I had a request for coconut-something. So I found an easy recipe for Coconut Macaroons. Oh. My. Goodness. I confess I ate more of them than I should have. I found these at C'est Si Bon - they are easy and delicious!
I confess that I've only run twice this week. Six miles on Sunday and one on Monday. It was cold and rainy two days, and I just fell out of my groove. The Color Run is coming up on the 17th, so I need to get some more miles in this week!

What are YOU confessing this week?? Thanks to Aubrey at High-Heeled Love for hosting this month! Hit the button to join the party!

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  1. Oh my gosh...those pictures are breath-taking! The sand...the water...the dolphins...the sunsets...and the fact that you practically had it all to yourself?!? What I'd give for that!!!

  2. Oh My that was heaven just looking at those photos! I get so excited every time i see a dolphin when i visit Florida. It just never gets old.
    What a great trip!
    I LOVE coconut. i want some of those.

  3. I am SO having beach envy right now!

  4. Wow, those sunset pictures are gorgeous!

    I'm sorry that it took me a week to get by to say hello. Thanks for linking up last week. Looking forward to meeting you at the run tomorrow.


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