Thursday, October 11, 2012

Triple Layer Brownies (AKA YUM)

Today was baking day at work. I've been looking forward to this session for some time. My office mate found these jewels on pinterest and repinned them just for me. Actually, just for herself, because she knew that if we made them in our cooking group, she would get to eat one too. And, well, she was right.

I usually make a grocery store stop every Thursday morning - they know me there and always ask whats on the agenda for the day. I rattled off the ingredients and the layering method to the check-out girl. She pulled out a slip of paper and said, "okay, what temp and for how long? I've got the rest in my head." I felt an immediate kindred spirit with her.

The original pin didn't have a website attached, or a name - just a picture with the directions. So I needed a name for these things. I was thinking of calling them Reese-Stuffed Cookie Brownies. A bit long and cumbersome. Our traveling IT guy came up with Triple Layer Brownies, and it stuck.

You just can't go wrong with Reese cups, brownies and cookie dough - right?

First, take the cookie dough, smash it into a disc shape and press into bottom of a muffin pan. Then place Reese cup on top.

Next, prepare brownie mix and pour over Reese cookie and almost fill pan. I made the batter with a tiny bit of extra water to thin it out to a nice pourable consistency. 

Bake in a preheated 350 oven, for about 18 minutes. 

You want them slightly underdone. You can eat them immediately while they are hot and gooey, or wait until they have cooled off. They are good either way. I know this from experience.

There isn't a recipe, really. Just easy, layered goodness. Enjoy! Pin It Now!

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