Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Confessions 9.7.12 & 9.14.12

It's that time again! Fess up!

I confess that most of this is from last Friday's confessions! This week has been crazy. 

My biggest new confession is that I was hoping to make it to age 45 before needing glasses (reading), but didn't quite make it.

Do I look smarter??
For my baking group at work yesterday we made S'mores Stuff Brownies. I got the recipe from Picky Palate. They were delicious!! Her pictures are beautiful, but you can see ours too:

Well, I confess that I have been mesmerized by my new washer & drier that my sweetie bought me last weekend.

It did not start out all that great. We got the beauties home, in the house (thanks to my wonderful neighbors) and hooked up. It was late on Sunday, so I waited until Monday to start my first load - washing my king size comforter in the depths of that huge washer cavity. Well, I watched the water go in, watched the drum spin round and round, and didn't see any water filling the drum. I could hear it splashing, then I could see it - all over my laundry room floor. All. Over. And I have a large laundry room. Oh No!!

So my sweetie (and my neighbors) got the washer out - turns out it was completely busted underneath. We think it must have been dropped before we purchased it. Of course the store we bought it from didn't have another, long story short, he returned the damaged and came home with new #2. We got it in, hooked up, and I held my breath. But, no worries, it was all good. I still check on it while it's running though, just in case. But I do love them! They are Whirlpool Cabrios. And my laundry room, especially my floor is really, really clean Here they are, all cozied up:

They have a huge capacity, with no agitator in the washer. It actually uses less water than my old washer. Love them, and love the color!

I confess that I love, love my dog, Rusty - he is the cutest thing EVER! He just showed up one day, about 9 years ago. We three- Rusty, hubby and me, decided we were right for each other and became a family. Rusty is about 11 years old now - can't imagine life without him.

I confess that I've finished week 2 and 3of my 90 day challenge - no blog post on that yet, maybe for the end of the first 30 days. All is going well. I do find myself getting really hungry some afternoons. My coach suggested another light snack, if I feel I need it. I upped my activity level with lots of running, and lifting heavier weights so maybe my metabolism is kicking in. I have lost a 1/2 inch off my hips, and that is a nice place to lose too, as I am quite hippy. And someone at work asked me how much weight I had lost - not really that much so far, but the clothes are fitting better. Since I'm measuring, I know that I'm losing inches. I'm pleased with my progress to date.

I confess that I believe dreams can speak to us. Sometimes our dreams are messages, emotionally or spiritually. Or sometimes they are just crazy. And once in awhile they are crazy and still speak to us. I had such a dream this week.

I was going to do my 5 mile run last Monday, since it was a holiday and I would have extra time. With the washer fiasco, that didn't happen. So plan B was Tuesday. Well I woke up at 3am and it was raining, pouring. Went back to sleep. Dreamed that I was to meet a running club friend, M, at 6am to run 5 miles around the lake. Well, it was raining at 6am, so I didn't go. When I woke again (still in my dream), M was just finishing and I felt bad that I didn't go with her.

Then I woke up for real at 5:50am, and it was raining. What to do??!! I got up and ran 5 miles in light rain. If I hadn't had that crazy, real dream, I don't know if I'd have run at all.

I confess that I'm still following my training plan for the upcoming Ache Around the Lake 8K, Sept. 22. And I'm loving it! Last Saturday was 5 miles, Tuesday was 5 miles, Thursday was 4 miles. And tomorrow, Saturday, will be 6 miles. Woo Hoo! Then the mileage drops a bit the week before and week of the race. Here's a nice view from last Saturday morning at the lake. Beautiful!

Beautiful Lake Lanier, SC

What about you - have you ever had a crazy message dream?

What are YOU confessing this week? Hit the button to join the party!

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  1. I've ahd dreams that have me doing things that seem mundane until I find myself doing that same thing at a later date--sort of de javuish.

  2. Pretty new appliances!

    I've heard so many things about Lake Lanier, and I've never been...the Mister and I ought to make a daytrip up there this fall.

    Have a great week!

  3. I was singing praise songs to God in one of my dreams and I woke up actually singing the song. What a great way to awaken!

    1. That has actually happened to me before too - very awesome way to wake up! Have a great weekend.

  4. Um, can you bring some of those brownies to the Color Run? They look delish!

    Thanks for linking up again. Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Lucky lucky with the new washer and dryer. Sorry you had a mess though.

    Good job staying on track and can't wait to see your progress.


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